About Us

Renewable Advice

Specialists in Turbine Blade Repair

Renewable Advice is the UK’s leading expert in blade repair, blade inspection and maintenance.¬† With a background in blade manufacture, our knowledge of composites is second to none.

We have extensive onshore and offshore experience working with and on blades from all major manufacturers, and we have provided services ranging from detailed inspection and testing retrofit solution development through to speclialist structural repairs.  Increasingly we are working on a long term basis with site owners to provide integrated inspection and maintenance services.

Renewable Advice delivers knowledge experience and engineered practical solutions to ensure your most valuable asset is kept in optimum condition. Founded in 2008 to provide consultancy services and hands-on O&M of wind turbine blades, our management team benefit from a considerable depth of blade knowledge.

This blades and composites expertise enables us to provide  swift and accurate responses to questions raised, developing detailed and innovative solutions and undertaking quality repairs.