Blade Services and Repair

We are the UK’s wind turbine specialist in blade services and repair.  From inspection and testing, right through to structural repair, serial defect resolution and long term blade service packages; our specialised wind turbine engineers and technicians provide a complete blade repair solution that can optimize the efficiency of your turbines and provide performance peace of mind.

Blade Repair Experts

Our efficient, flexible and discrete service maintains your blades in peak operating condition.  With technical expertise from blade manufacturing through to on and off-shore field operations, Renewable Advice is the UK’s most experienced wind turbine repair and maintenance team, drawing on a wealth of expertise across blade technologies, to resolve blade issues of all severities.

We keep your asset in an operational and Safe condition is essential for longevity performance and productivity

We can upgrade your turbine to improve performance, restore lost performance or correct design and manufacturing defects

Our knowledge of blade production allows us to undertake production process audits, highlighting improvements and supporting them

We know that over time your blades may not look or work as well as they used to. We can work together to come up with a bespoke refurbishment plan including cleaning, repairs both minor and larger scale. This work can be completed on site using our elevated platform or for smaller blades transported to our workshop.

Blades are our core business, however we also provide a range of complimentary services including tower cleaning, ladder exchange, bus bar exchange and support services. We also have a training facility offering GWO training and composite training for technicians, making Renewable Advice an all encompassing blade repair, service and training company.