Tower Protection

With our R & D facility, Renewable Advice is dedicated to finding the optimum technology available to provide the complete solution.

Independently tested in house alongside traditional products our corrosion protection paint system has surpassed salt spray tests of more than 2700 hours. This in field repair system can be applied in a wide variety of conditions using non-blast media and surface condition to SA 2.5. Fast curing, applicable to towers, nacelle’s or any other type of metal, this advanced and fully tested coating carries a 10 year warranty as standard and is engineered to maximise the life the turbine.

• Independently tested in house.
• Surpassing a greater than 2700 hours salt spray test.
• A fast curing system.
• Applicable to all types of metal.
• Using non-blast media application we minimise therisk to the environment.
• Can be applied in variety of conditions.