Technical Consultancy

Renewable Advice has the experience required to deliver a fully operational wind turbine blade manufacturing facility and is ideally placed to support the development of component-suppliers as well as wind turbine manufacturers.

Our in-depth knowledge of blade production allows us to undertake technical facility assessment, highlight improvements and practically implement the improvements to successful conclusion. Involving Renewable Advice from day one ensures expedient manufacturing: delivery of prototypes through to serial 24 hour production.

Production Development

• Production facility lay-out and specification
• Blade manufacturing and technology assessment
• Establishment of system and operational requirements
• Creation of future-proof facility and equipment specifications
• Strategic planning and reporting
• Personnel training and support

Quality Assurance

• Existing production assessment
• Highlight processes and quality deviations
• Report with recommendations for improvement
• Facility layout and flow optimisation
• KPI monitoring and detailed reporting
• ‘Hands-on’ support for improvement implementation
• In-production repairs