V82(NM82) Damper Replacement

Applicable to

Vestas: V72(NM72),V82(NM82)
NEG Micon: NM72(V82), NM82(V82)

These blades are equipped with integral dampers located towards the tip of the blades. Many of the dampers are failing or at risk of failing due to an inherent design and manufactutuing process flaw with the dampers and the blades. Failure of the dampers results in the damper fluid leaking out from the blade into the environment and also into the blade bearings and hub. Loss of fliud means that the rotor is not damped against edge wise vibration during operation and can increase the number of turbine stops due to edgewise vibration, reducing energy production.

We have deloped a solution to replace the dampers in the blades that will protect the dampers from damage through adhesive adhesion and impact from objects from within the blade.